Scheme of Studies

Based on Re-envisioned Elementary Teacher Education Programme prepared by the NCTE Review Committee, this Board with effect from 2011(admission year), adapted the syllabi of NCTE and bifurcated the same into four semesters as detailed here under.

Qualifying Criteria

(I) In order to qualify any semester examination, a candidate shall be required to obtain minimum 40% marks separately in each course as below
a) Theory Course
b) Practice Teaching
c) Practical Work
Provided that if a trainee is declared fail/reappear in one or more course(s) due to his/her not securing minimum pass marks in any part of internal, he/she will have to appear in subsequent examinations for both external and internal of that course(s). Such pupil teacher in order to qualify in internal shall have to make up his/her deficiency and improve his performance to the levels prescribed in the curriculum. The marks of internal assessment of higher semester of such candidate shall be submitted after attaining of such efficiency in lower semester. Provided further that if a candidate is declared fail/reappear due to his/her not securing minimum pass marks in either Theory part or/and Practical of external examination of a course(s) of any semester but has secured minimum pass marks in internal of theory course(s) or/and internal/external Practice Teaching or/and internal/external Practical, he/she shall have to appear only in external examination of Theory course(s) subject to his/her eligibility and the marks earlier secured by him/her in internal (Theory Course)/Practice Teaching (Internal & External) and Practical (Internal & External) shall be carried forward while computing his/her result.
(II) Weightage of each semester shall be 25%.

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